UBO Service Introduces AML Pal, Empowering Legal and Accountancy Professionals to Onboard Clients Faster

 AML Pal Press Release

New Anti-Money Laundering platform enables firms to onboard clients easily furthering UBO Service’s mission to make compliance fast, frictionless, and secure.

DUBLIN, IRELAND and LONDON, UK– November 23, 2022 – UBO Service, today launched AML Pal, a simple portal that employs a risk-based approach to identify and verify new clients, conduct risk assessments, and demonstrate due process.  AML Pal gives legal and accountancy professionals the ability to meet their duty of managing anti-money laundering risk and client onboarding. Whether their prospective client is a body corporate or an individual, our all-in-one solution covers every base.

“Client onboarding has never been easier with AML Pal, we are meeting the ongoing demands of anti-money laundering regulations, whilst streamlining the compliance process for firms in Ireland,” says Ben Cronin, CEO. “AML Pal is the start of a brand-new journey providing instant access to a full suite of AML tools, that is not only efficient but cost-effective”.

Key Features:

  • Client onboarding is made easy with our simple search and retrieve facility for corporate and individual clients.
  • Automatically retrieve official company information (including the directors and beneficial owners)
  • Conduct comprehensive business risk assessments to identify AML risk exposure and determine mitigating measures.
  • Get client files off the ground faster by automating identity verification and proof of address screening.
  • Seamlessly manage AML policies, controls, and procedures by accessing our online templates that can be used out of the box or further tailored to meet the requirements of business needs.
  • Educate all employees, in anti-money laundering and record staff training logs in line with AML regulatory guidance.

Pricing and Availability:

  • AML Pal is free to trial and available immediately to everyone.
  • AML Pal is available on the web at amlpal.com and requires no technical integration.
  • The Business Plus plan is available for firms with up to 100 clients for €45 per month.
  • Our Premium Plan is available for firms with up to 300 clients for €75 per month.
  • Our custom plan includes white-label branding, beneficial ownership, and enhanced client verification. More information can be found by contacting our team.

AML Pal is changing the compliance landscape by simplifying complex processes with one centralised system for all your client due diligence and onboarding needs. Discover how you can start saving time and resources by signing up for a free trial.

UBO Service introduces AML Pal


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